Weird What?!

Weird Destiny Productions, Starting in 2012, friends from all over the United States came together to throw a NYEE (12/30) show in Austin TX. That show was so fun that Billy Zimmerman started up Weird Destiny Productions with friends at the start of 2013. We released a 3 part series of freakout coloring books called Let's Create Something Magical and a Flaming Lips Tribute project titled Looking Into Space It Surrounds You! Weird Destiny specializes in immersive experiences, we would transform venues into magical wonderlands for each of their shows in Austin TX. Weird Destiny even joined many of the bigger festivals in Texas over the years. Up until the end of 2018 Colby Cervantes was Co-Creative Director. Colby's passion and skillset's helped to improve many parts of Weird Destiny and the projects that were released from 2013-2018 could not of happened without him. Being in two different cities, over the years it became increasingly difficult for the two to work together as easily. Billy continues to carry on the name of Weird Destiny in Eugene OR and Colby continues to do what he loves in Dallas/Denton TX.  

Things change but also some things stay the same, Weird Destiny still strives to create immersive experiences and is always open to work with new people on any skill level. Just head over to our contact page to say hello!

Dustin Cook